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Lainshaw Castle in [5] Historical records show that Stewarton has existed since at least the 12th century with various non-historical references to the town dating to the early 11th century. He later found refuge with King Harthacanute , who reigned as Canute II, King of England and Norway and in , after returning to Scotland and defeating Mac Bethad in the Battle of Lumphanan in to become King of Scots , he rewarded Friskine’s family with the Baillie of Cunninghame to show his gratitude to the farmer who had saved his life 17 years earlier. The Cunninghame family logo now features a “Y” shaped fork with the words “over fork over” underneath – a logo which appears in various places in Stewarton, notably as the logo of the two primary schools in the area – Lainshaw primary school and Nether Robertland primary school. A natural pulpit at the old Corsehill Dam Another reference to Stewarton, this time a historical recorded version, is that one Wernebald was given the Cunninghame lands by his superior, Hugh de Morville , the builder of Kilwinning Abbey who lived at this time in Tour near Kirkland in Kilmaurs. The family were originally from Morville in Normandy Wernebald was from Flanders and had been established in Scotland for at least twenty years when one of the family was involved in the murder of Thomas Becket. Dervorguilla of Galloway , mother of John Balliol , was a daughter of the Morvilles on her mother’s side, and when Robert the Bruce won the crown the family of Balliol lost their lands in Cunninghame.

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Prehistory Eglinton Castle, home of the Earls of Eglinton, c. Part of modern Irvine contains the oldest continually inhabited village in Europe. Dreghorn, formerly a separate village, appears to contain archaeological remains dating back to the first incursions of humanity into Scotland Mesolithic. Numerous ancient sites pepper the region.

Iron Age Hill forts are abundant.

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As part of the Millennium celebrations, an exhibition known as The Big Idea opened in It was constructed on the north side of the River Irvine near the former Nobel quay. A footbridge from the harbour area was constructed, although it had to be able to open and close to still allow the small pleasure craft to pass. The Big Idea closed in , due to low visitor numbers. The City of Adelaide[ edit ] The hulk of the historic clipper ship, City of Adelaide , was moved to a dry dock near the inner harbour in Unlike most new towns which were either completely newly built or based around small villages, Irvine was already a sizeable town which had been a Royal Burgh since

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These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers Image caption Archers taking part in the centuries-old papingo shoot in Kilwinning How much can a single object tell us about Scotland’s history and its wider place in the world? In the Ayrshire town of Kilwinning an event reunites two parts of just such an object – a lost medal and a silver arrow. It is all part of a tradition which dates back hundreds of years and traces many big events.

In times gone by local lairds and landowners used to gather their armed men periodically so they could demonstrate they were fit and ready for battle should the need arise. Those are the origins of an archery competition held, albeit with breaks, to this day in Kilwinning. It is known as the papingo shoot – an old word for parrot. Competitors shoot from the foot of the town’s abbey tower at a wooden pigeon, hanging on a pole from the tower more than ft up in the air.

The trophy associated with this competition has real historical tales to tell. It is a serious bit of bling, a silver arrow dating from the s, mounted on a later silver bow, with crossed arrows. It hangs heavily with winner’s medals, in earlier days provided by those who managed the feat of shooting down the papingo.

Each has its own story like the one with no name from which was won by a young Jacobite. By when the medal was being hung on the trophy, the winner Charles Boyd was elsewhere.

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Name[ edit ] Beith’s name is thought to emanate from Ogham , which is sometimes referred to as the “Celtic Tree Alphabet”, ascribing names of trees to individual letters. Beithe in Old Irish means Birch-tree cognate to Latin betula. There is reason to believe that the whole of the district was covered with woods. The town of Beith itself was once known as ‘Hill of Beith’ as this was the name of the feudal barony and was itself derived from the Court Hill near Hill of Beith Castle.

Ayrshire Singles for dating, relationships and marriage, Free Online Dating in Ayrshire.

Angela Newlands is alleged to have murdered the year-old by slitting her throat next to the Maggie Wall’s Memorial near Dunning, Perthshire, on 9th or 10th May this year. Newlands, from Inchture, was remanded in custody after appearing in private at Perth Sheriff Court on a murder petition earlier. She is alleged to have assaulted Miss Johnstone, from Ayrshire, by repeatedly striking her on the neck with a sharp implement. It is alleged she cut her victim’s neck and murdered her by the memorial adjacent to the B road between Auchterarder and Dunning.

Newlands, who is the second person to face a murder charge in connection with Miss Johnstone’s death, was fully committed for trial. Jordan Johnstone, 24, has already been fully committed for trial in connection with an identical charge relating to the murder of his sister Annalise. Johnstone, made a second appearance in private at Perth Sheriff Court on 1 June and made no motion for bail.

He was remanded in custody. The petition against him alleged that he repeatedly struck his sister in the neck with a sharp implement at the witch’s monument. Johnstone, who had been living in Perthshire, also faced a second charge alleging he had stolen a caravan in Irvine, Ayrshire, on 9 May.

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