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Because of the cold and the potential complications with Bailey kidding, we have been checking on Bailey every hour around the clock. After the first week, Kristen and Meaghan pitched in and offered to take the 10 pm to 2 am watch, which helped immensely. Still, we have all been waiting impatiently for Bailey to go into labor.

About two weeks ago, Sean excitedly announced that there was a discharge from Bailey’s vulva.

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Why Go Alaska is made up of a fascinating—and wide—array of cultures, and its history is long and colorful. Walk into a museum and you can learn about ancient civilizations, the fervent gold rush of the late s, or the pioneer spirit that built the state we know today. Plenty of Alaska’s museums also illustrate Native cultures still thriving today, or the marine and animal life that make Alaska what it is.

While some people may save museums for rainy days, walking through museums or cultural institutions is an excellent way to gain a deeper appreciation for Alaska’s entire landscape. Best Time to Go Year-round, though many museums and heritage centers have more limited hours during the winter. Where to Go Almost any city or town in Alaska has some kind of museum that illustrates, but here are the most notable museums in how these popular destinations:

5 Weathering, Erosion, and Sedimentary Rocks

Thailand[ edit ] Though eviction has reduced their visibility or numbers in urban areas, many squatters still occupy land near railroad tracks, under overpasses, and waterways. Commercial squatting is common in Thailand, where businesses temporarily seize nearby public real estate such as sidewalks, roadsides, beaches, etc. Examples of the latter include an old leper hospital outside Barcelona called Can Masdeu and a former military barracks called Metelkova in Slovenia.

Young people squat buildings to use as concert venues for alternative types of music such as punk and hardcore. The eviction of one such place, Ungdomshuset , in March received international news coverage. In France , there is Collectif la vieille Valette , a self-supporting squat village which has been active since

Red Mountain Cut and Geological Walkway 22nd Street South, east of Highway , Birmingham Officially designated a National Natural Landmark, this highway cut exposes million years of geological history and reveals the Birmingham district’s mineral resources.

Watching the slow creep of the blood moon this past April was one of several recent events I experienced with my ex. We shared that magical moment because, over a decade after our breakup, he moved in next door. In Los Angeles — population: Katie and I are happily chatting, going straight to the heart of everything with a generous sprinkling of inside jokes. The cross streets he answers with are alarmingly close to mine. Ben, less sentimental, is always thinking of ways to improve our financial nest egg and has been toying with the idea that we sell.

He was tall, dark and handsome with the kind of strong jawline that men grow into. While he leaned towards the sciences, I leaned towards the humanities. He was a Republican with Libertarian tendencies; I was a staunch Democrat. We connected over an African art history class and an enthusiasm for things outside our experiences. One of our first dates was a trip to New York City to take a class in the Brazilian martial art of capoeira.

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How We Started by Terri Colorado Like many of you men who visit here, my husband had the fantasy to share me. I first thought that his fantasy was crazy or abnormal. Then I read the literature and realized how common it is.

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Central Florida posted 7 years ago My sister met her partner online about five years ago. After meeting they had a relationship for two years before getting married. They now have a beutiful daughter that I get to hang out with all the time. I am a bit more extroverted online and am definately more honest as I find it easier to type things and think them through that I normally would not say in person.

Not that I’m fake or anything I just tend to keep my mouth shut in person so that I dont put my foot in it! Many times I just want to tell certain people that they are not very clever and should reconsider their positions. That tends to drown the social atmosphere so instead of voicing my opinion I just keep my mouth shut!

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Known scientifically as Larrea tridentata, and in common parlance as the creosote bush, it produces small, pretty yellow flowers in spring and summer. But it is the pleasantly pungent smell, which the leaves produce as soon as a summer rain starts, that is most noticeable. The creosote bush is the signature plant of the southern part of the park and a common, characteristic, and often dominant shrub of the deserts of southwestern North America.

Its closest relative lives in the arid regions of Argentina. Actually, what botanists classify as a single species in the North American deserts is now known to consist of three genetically different shrubs.

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It looks so rosy, as if the building were photographed at sunrise or sunset. As it turns out, however, the back side of the card is even more colorful than the front. I have had such an experience. She told me so much of interest. The story gets better. The Milwaukee Journal published an article about her on September 15, Marie Downing traded palace for cabin In Marie Downing changed her residence from Buckingham Palace to a by foot log cabin in northern Dakota Territory so that she could marry the man she loved.

Downing first began dating Harry Williams when they both lived in London in Williams, learning that free land was available in America, dreamed of being a member of the landed gentry and made plans to pursue his ambition. The fact that he had little, if any, experience at farming did not deter him.

Alaska Museums & Cultural Centers

America’s Toughest Tee Times: Tell us about it in the comments section below. No wonder we have pangs for the courses on this list.

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Government and society Constitutional framework The constitution of Arizona reflects the ideals of the Progressive movement, which was influential at the time of the constitutional convention in It provides for maximum citizen participation through initiatives and referenda on legislation and recall of all elected officials, including judges. A reorganization of the state government in strengthened the power of the governor and streamlined the executive branch. The governor is elected for a four-year term.

The secretary of state, who succeeds to the governorship in case of a vacancy, holds the second most highly contested elective office in the state. Other members of the executive branch include the attorney general, the state treasurer, the superintendent of public instruction, the state mine inspector, and the five-member corporation commission, which oversees public service corporations. Arizona Arizona State Capitol, Phoenix. The massive growth of Phoenix and Tucson, combined with reapportionment, has given urbanized Maricopa and Pima counties some three-fourths of the seats in both chambers.

A constitutional amendment in restructured the judicial branch into the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, the Superior Courts, and local justice and other courts. Judges of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals are appointed by the governor from nominees chosen by a commission. Other judges are appointed or elected.